Myanmar (Burma)

Experience the fascination of a dawn of tourist era

Myanmar (Burma) is a picturesque country with diverse and interesting culture, that has spent several decades in the shadow of heavy-handed dictatorial regime and is just recovering in recent years making its first cautious steps towards democracy. The National League for Democracy, being the main political opposition force in the country, has made it possible to soften and then lift a fifteen-year ban for tourism, which made tourist numbers increase almost instantly. The country's infrastructure, however, has yet to develop its capacity to fully satisfy the fresh stream of travelers.

Although arguable, the fact that the tourism era is just starting for Myanmar makes it an exciting time to see its mysterious ruins, golden stupas and mountain trails with scenic views, as well at the lavish rice fields. It is most likely that you will find yourself fascinated with how eager the locals are to help foreigners discover their country and culture. There is hope that the somewhat reserved steps in political reformation that Myanmar is showing today will grow confident and make a long-lasting change that will also make it easier to travel this wonderful country.

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