Delicious food, beautiful beaches, amazing wildlife

Malaysia, with its population consisting of Indians, Chinese and Malays is culturally rich and diverse. Be it the delicious food, architecture, traditional crafts and arts or street festivals – there is quite a bit to see and experience. The nature is amazing also, including some of the most wonderful beaches and one of the world's oldest tropical rainforest that are actually not that tough to hike! The national parks will surprise you with the beautiful wildlife that you can watch to your heart's content, as well as many options for trekking, rafting and even cave exploration.

In its early history Malaysia, being the part of Malay archipelago situated between Philippines and Indonesia, was an important link between the two big markets: India and China. Later on it became a valuable port for British, Dutch and Portuguese.

1963 marks the year that Malaysia has become known as it is nowadays. It's the year when the federation on the eleven Peninsula states was united by Singapore and the Sabah and Sarawak territories of Borneo. Later, in 1965 Singapore left the union and established as an independent country.

Malaysia is notable for its religious multiplicity, providing the colorful variety of Christian churches, Hindu temples and of course mosques of Islam, which has been the dominant religion in the country ever since Malays adopted it in fourteenth century. Add to this mixture fancy and intense Chinese temples and Indian street festivals, daily life of Malay kampungs (villages) and traditions of Borneo – you can imagine the multicultural cocktail the place provides. The Malay society houses all this ethnic variety, which is although very diverse but quite successfully integrated – sometimes to the surprise and for the most part sheer delight of its visitors.

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