Beaches, adventures, traditions

Indonesia is located on a volcanic archipelago consisting of about 17,000 islands stretched in the tropics between the Asian mainland and Australia. The population of 246 million people is notable for a very diverse heritage of culture and traditions, as well as the number of dialects and languages spoken in the country which is over 500. The enchanting lifestyle and customs of the people is in fact the country's main attraction. Geologically, these mostly volcanic islands are characterized by tall peaks rising above the clouds, with rice fields and the rainforest wrapped around the mountains. Below await the lucid blue sea and the amazing beaches, and of course all this goodness hosts Southeast Asia's most massive wilderness areas which in turn are home to the beautiful wildlife.

As you can guess, the adventures one can undertake in such rich environment include quite a bit of options, like: surfing, scuba diving, hiking or just relaxing by the pool in a luxury hotel with an exotic drink.

If you're limited in time by only a week or two, an in-depth exploration of one specific area could be a good decision. Got a plenty of time for the trip? Hop on an old ferry or a bus, board the little planes to travel across the archipelago. The journey is lengthy though – likely to climb over 3000 km – so a smart plan that excludes doubling back would be of a great benefit. Open-jaw tickets are your friends, and don't forget to take intermissions to just relax around in the serene atmosphere. You really want to leave yourself a nice buffer of time so as not to rush catching planes, which could become a source of problems. That being said, the most remote and hard to reach places usually reward visitors with amazing experiences. A whole day spent in transport trying to get to a seemingly boring place could pay off in the end with a witnessing of a spiritual ceremony or an insight into some other tribal tradition that you might find even more exciting.

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