Amazing beaches, superb national parks and rich tribal culture

Washed by waters of Indian Ocean, crossing the equator, and with amazing landscape opening from Mount Kenya, this country is great place to travel. Big variety of geography resulted in a great range of wildlife and nature. Its history of conquests and migrations resulted into unique social panorama with Swahili city-states on the coast and Maasai of the Rift Valley.

Kenya’s world-famous national parks, tribal peoples and excellent beaches lend the country an exotic image with magnetic attractiveness. Treating it as a succession of traveller sights, however, isn't the foremost stimulating way to experience Republic of Kenya. If you get off the standard track, you'll be able to enter the place populated by most Kenyans: a endlessly active scene of muddy farm tracks, corrugated-iron huts, tea retailers and lodging homes, crammed buses and streets wandered by goats and kids. both on and off the traveller routes, you’ll notice heat and openness, and an abundance of amazing scenery – rolling savannah dotted with Maasai herds and wild animals, high Kikuyu moorlands touched by kine and sheep, and dense forests filled with monkeys and birdcall. Yes, the country isn't all postcard-perfect: Kenya’s role in fighting Al-Shabaab terrorists in Somalia has resulted in revenge attacks, whereas if you begin a chat with any native you’ll shortly find out regarding the country’s deep economic and social tensions.

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